No, ether is not a security. Yikes! And, Phew….

cryptocurrency ethereum bitcoinNo, ether is not a security.

What protections already existing apply to the bitcoin industry? Is it a legitimate exchange of securities or another platform that dazzles with its complicated mechanisms?

The difference between bitcoin when it was first developed and now, as pointed out by Peter Van Valkenburg of the Coin Center, a leading non-profit research center, is that there are “hundreds of independent software developers, thousands of independent nodes and millions of users.” Is the sale of a token an investment contract and therefore a security? The Coin Center says it is not, that the “token is distinct from the agreement that funded its development.”

Be sure to refer to the original discussion “No ether is not a security” by Peter Van Valkenburgh of Coin from which this overview was derived.

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Yikes and phew!

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