Investment Fraud Warning Signs For You as a Customer

Investment fraud red flags

As an Investor, it is very important to feel like you can trust your broker. On the other hand, if you feel something may not be quite right,  then you must trust your gut and look into it more closely. The tough part is, what exactly do you look for?

So many investors don’t know there’s a problem until after they have lost their investment.  Know the warning signs that indicate there might be an investment fraud or securities fraud issue.  Contact a securities fraud attorney or investment fraud attorney to find out if something could be wrong and what steps to take next.  Here are some of the most telling securities fraud and investment fraud warning signs that mean you should contact an attorney right away.

Securities and Investment Fraud Warning Signs

  • Your opening account paperwork wasn’t given to you.
  • You don’t recall having much of a “questions and answer” session about yourself with your broker.
  • Your account statements include transactions that you did not authorize.
  • The investments recommended by your broker are suddenly declining in value.
  • You are wondering if your broker understands your situation enough to know you and make suitable investment recommendations.
  • The value of your account is decreasing and your capital gains taxes are increasing.
  • There are debits and credits on your monthly account that you don’t recognize or can’t identify.
  • Your phone calls aren’t being returned.
  • The concerns you have about the suitability of an investment are being ignored.

When you see these securities and investment fraud warnings signs your next steps are crucial. Take the time to speak with an experienced attorney by clicking here to schedule a complimentary appointment.  You’ll feel so much better knowing that your concerns have been addressed.

The above are just some of the most telling warning signs but not all possible warning signs.  Remember to trust your gut. If something just does not feel right, look deeper. Email us at and share with us a bit about your concern.

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